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Meet Kiattisak: A Green Transformation through Junk Removal

At Khun Clean, Kiattisak led a swift two-hour transformation of a cluttered home. We sorted, recycled, and organized pots and plants, creating a beautiful garden and a clean, clutter-free house, leaving the client thrilled with the results.


At Khun Clean, we pride ourselves on transforming cluttered spaces into havens of order and beauty. One of our recent projects involved a client's house overwhelmed by pots and plants clutter. Here’s the story of how our dedicated team, led by Kiattisak, tackled this green jungle and brought about a satisfying transformation.

Meeting the Client

Our journey began with a call from a client, a garden enthusiast whose passion for plants had taken over their living space. The once-beautiful garden had spilled into the home, filling every corner with pots, plants, and gardening tools. The client felt overwhelmed and needed our help to reclaim their home. Understanding the predicament, we scheduled an initial visit to assess the situation.

Assessing the Challenge

When we arrived at the client's home, it was clear that we had our work cut out for us. Pots of all sizes were scattered across the porch, living room, and even the kitchen. Some plants had outgrown their containers, while others were struggling due to lack of proper care. Our goal was to clear the clutter without compromising the client’s love for gardening.

Planning the Cleanup

Our team, led by Kiattisak, developed a strategic plan. We divided the clutter into categories: plants to keep, pots to reuse, and items to discard. The client wanted to retain as many plants as possible, so we decided to create a dedicated garden area where the plants could thrive.

Executing the Plan

  1. Sorting and Decluttering: We started by sorting through the pots and plants. Healthy plants were carefully moved to the garden area we had prepared, while withered ones were composted. Pots that were still in good condition were cleaned and organized.

  2. Recycling and Disposal: Broken pots and unused gardening tools were collected for recycling. We ensured that every item was disposed of responsibly, aligning with our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

  3. Organizing the Garden: We created a beautiful garden space for the client, arranging the pots in a way that was both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Pathways were cleared, allowing easy access to all plants.

  4. Cleaning the House: With the clutter removed, we gave the house a thorough cleaning. Surfaces were wiped down, floors were swept and mopped, and the air was filled with the fresh scent of cleanliness.

Kiattisak’s Role

Kiattisak, our trusty trucker, played a crucial role in the process. He transported the junk we collected from the client's house, ensuring that everything was handled efficiently and safely. Kiattisak also assisted with organizing the garden area, using his keen eye for detail to arrange the pots in a visually appealing manner.

Swift Completion and Customer Satisfaction

In just two hours, our team completed the transformation. When we invited the client to see the results, their reaction was priceless. They were overjoyed to see their home clutter-free and their plants thriving in a well-organized garden. The smile on their face was the ultimate reward for our team.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

To ensure lasting satisfaction, we provided the client with tips on maintaining the new garden area and keeping the home clutter-free. We also scheduled a follow-up visit to check on the garden’s progress and address any concerns they might have.


At Khun Clean, we believe that a clean and organized home brings peace of mind and joy. Our junk removal service for the client's cluttered house is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction. We turned a chaotic space into a serene sanctuary, proving that with the right approach, any mess can be managed.

For anyone struggling with clutter, especially when it comes to garden enthusiasts like our client, Khun Clean is here to help. We don’t just remove junk; we create spaces where you can truly live and thrive.

Get Meet Kiattisak: A Green Transformation through Junk Removal

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