About Us

Khun Clean is a service in Bangkok that focuses on outdoor and special indoor cleaning services in Bangkok condos, houses and offices.

We believe in these principles:

Honor our word to You

When we make a promise to you, we will keep it. This means on time appointments. Doing a good job and doing everything we say we will. And our promises are not just for you, our customer, but our cleaning team, subcontractors and everyone we do business with. Because when we keep our word to them, it means we can keep our word to you.

We don't make you work

This is a simple principle that makes everything beautiful. When we say we are going to do something, it means we are going to do it, not you. This includes bringing our own cleaning supplies and equipment. Not requiring your help. And making you just sit back and relax while we work for you.

Be Honest to You

Honesty is the best thing to do. We will not cheat you, take anything from your premises and we will do exactly what we say. We will do anything to make sure that you benefit the right way from our actions. Fair prices, and good service is the best thing to keep your business.

You are Always Right

The final principle is that you are always right. It means we will not argue with you, but try to calmly show you our viewpoint to any dispute. In the end if we failed to convince you, it means we did not do a good job and you are still right. We will always try to remedy a problem or solve a dispute in your favor, because we want to keep service you our customer.

Ericson Smith - Khun Clean

Khun Clean was founded by Ericson Smith in Bangkok.

"I believe very strongly in good customer service and making you happy. If you don't see something that we can do, please contact us and we will do our best to find the right resources to make your dreams true."

We are not just a cleaning company. We solve problems.

Khun Clean

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