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Shop Cleaning Service in Bangkok

Get your shop or retail space cleaned on a regular basis. We will securely and safely clean your storefront, windows, floors, bathrooms, storage and refrigerators.

฿1,500.00  Starting price for one time. Discounts available for recurring service.

Shop Cleaning is available in Bangkok, Samut Prakhan and Nonthaburi.

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Technically capable persons to clean a gas Weber grill, which is not sparkled like this in 10 years. More importantly, they were quite caring and sensitive to all the little nuances associated with the gas tube and starter switch, etc. Would highly recommend this professional group.
- Charles Blocker

After Hours Cleaning

At Khun Clean, we understand that business hours are crucial for your sales and customer service. Therefore, we provide a meticulous after-hours cleaning service to our clients in Bangkok. Our team of professional cleaners will come in after your store closes and work throughout the night to ensure a clean and fresh space for the next business day. We handle everything, from dusting to mopping, without causing any disruption to your normal operations.

Safe and Trusted Service

Your retail store's safety and security are our top priorities. At Khun Clean, we provide a safe and trusted cleaning service that respects your property's integrity. Our team is trained to handle your inventory with utmost care and respect. We undergo rigorous background checks and receive personal integrity training to ensure that our clients can trust us with their retail spaces.

Clean Floors, Bathrooms, and Shelves

We pride ourselves on our detailed cleaning service that ensures every corner of your shop is spotless. Our services include thorough cleaning of floors, bathrooms, and shelves. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to scrub floors, sanitize bathrooms, and dust off shelves in your retail space, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for both your employees and customers.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Service

To accommodate the varying needs of different businesses, Khun Clean offers daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services. Whether you need a deep clean once a month or light cleaning daily, we can customize our services to fit your needs. Our flexible scheduling makes it easier for you to maintain a clean retail space without any hassle.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of your retail space and can draw in more customers. Our window cleaning services involve removing dust, grime, and streaks from your windows, leaving them crystal clear. We use professional equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to ensure the highest standard of cleaning.

Storefront Cleaning

Your storefront is the first thing your customers see, and a clean storefront can create a positive impression. We provide comprehensive storefront cleaning services that include washing the exterior, cleaning signage, and removing any graffiti or posters. Our team ensures that your storefront always looks inviting and attractive.

Remove, Clean, and Replace Inventory Exactly as Before

At Khun Clean, we ensure that your retail space remains organized even after cleaning. Our team is trained to remove, clean, and replace inventory exactly as before. We pay close attention to detail to ensure that every item is placed back in its original position after cleaning. This service saves you from any post-cleaning reorganization and helps maintain a consistent shopping experience for your customers.

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