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How to remove bad SMELL from your Bangkok home?

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How to remove the smell of smoking or cooking from your home?

It seems that no matter how much you s[ray or wipe and vacuum and open the windows, odors are difficult to remove. That's because th molecules of the odors are trapped in any porus surfaces in your home. This can be furniture, curtains, beds, sofas and ceilings.

So what to do?

We use the power of Ozone machines to directly neutralize any smell molecules that are trapped in your curtains, sofas, walls ceilings and everywhere in your home.

There is one downside. When the machines are on, no people are pets should be in the house.

We bring in our ozone machines, put them in place, and then return to pick them up a few hours later. We also thoroughly vacuum any surfaces before the treatment.

Contact us to remove the smell of smoking, cooking and other other hard-to-remove odors from your home.

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